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The Yaya Saga

It seems like everyone now has a yaya horror story or even a series of unbelievable tales about their yayas. I have a friend that can write a book about her encounters. So unbelievable I would think they were exaggerated … but they weren’t.

Why is it such a herculean task to find a … we’re not even talking perfect here… just a decent and reliable yaya? Are the days of yayas that truly stood as second moms truly gone? 

Back in the 80’s (okay fine late 70’s), I grew up with a yaya. A yaya I now call “Nanay”.  Back in the day, it wasn’t rare to find a yaya who truly had the heart to care and love your child as their own. My Nanay started working with my family a year before I was born. She took care of my siblings and me, did the cooking, and the cleaning. I never saw her complain, frown, or raise her voice. Though she never had children of her own… she was motherly.  

My nanay is now semi retired at the age of 61. I say semi retired because she has found herself back in our house each and every time these new age (seemingly fly-by-night) yayas walk through our lives. At 61, I want her to be truly retired and her visits here would simply consist of her sitting down and watching her favorite shows on TV. The most work she would do would be to bake cookies with my kids. But when? But will that day come for Nanay? 

We’ve had a yaya that stayed for 3 days or maybe 2.5 days…and all she did during her staycation at our house was sweep the kitchen floor… once… then she fained  some illness. So many have walked through our doors that I have truly lost count.  I don’t bother remembering names or faces. Maybe I’ve had a yaya apply twice and I wouldn’t have even noticed. 

Nowadays, we have those who 

  1. Use their gadgets too much… like all day, e’ry day!!! Whether it be playing Candy Crush or making video calls to family…or Facebook (oh the amount of selfies they take… with pouting lips and whatever poses they do around your house).
  2. Seem to tire and fall ill so easily… I don’t always doubt illnesses but sometimes you just know it’s just an act to get out of the day’s chores.
  3. Can’t take constructive critisism… ummmm… I’m not sure how being corrected or being told how to do something constitutes as being malupit… as the story to the new family they apply with goes…
  4. Couldn’t care less for their charges… ummmm… excuse me… but caring for the kids is actually part of your job (unless clearly agreed upon)
  5. Demand such a high salary that it’s like you’re hiring a battalion. I guess it wouldn’t be so bad if the work done is decent enough to deserve such a high price.
  6. Leave at a whim… “ah ma’am hindi na po ako makakabalik galing sa day off ko po…. kasi ahhhh….ummm… may sakit po ako… ay tatay ko po pala… ay yung pinsan po pala ng kapitbahay namin…..” 😩

When will the saga end? We’re not looking for the perfect yaya because seriously finding an actual unicorn is probably easier… We just want one that is compasionate… one who is willing to treat us like family just as we treat them… It’s so difficult to open your home, your lives to complete strangers … it takes so much trust and respect… why can’t it just go both ways?!  


Daily musings of a mother of 3! Just a regular mom trying to stay sane!

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