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So, it’s been a while since my last post. Why?! Oh my, oh my! The struggle is real! You know when some people say, “I need a vacation after my vacation.” Well, I need a holiday after the holidays.

The past weeks were just that… “a daze”… everything went by so fast… it was so busy that it all passed by in a blink of an eye… And just like that the holidays are over…. back to regular programming 😊

While those working go back to work, stay at home moms (and dads) are busy taking down the Christmas decorations, sorting through gifts, decluttering everyone’s closet to make space for new stuff.

All this is very overwhelming… I wanna Konmari my home… start the year right. They say if you’re surrounded by clutter your mind tends to be cluttered as well. Who wants to start their year like that? Not me! But New Year after New Year… my resolutions always included some form of “decluttering” in the list. A list that never really got fulfilled. I’ll start off well and just not have follow through then just get discouraged…

This year will be the year! was my mantra as the first few weeks of the year rolled by… here we are at the end of January and things are randomly piled around the house…clutter everywhere… even more than when I started… so now I’m at today is the day! Because whether it be refering to decluttering the house or starting my workout routine, I have to remember that each day is a new beginning and that I just have to push what I can each day…


Daily musings of a mother of 3! Just a regular mom trying to stay sane!

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