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T 2s

The “T” usually stands for terrible… for Terrible 2s… but it can stand for so many different things to many parents out there… “terrible“, “tantrum“, “terrorist“, “terrific“… it truly just depends on the time of day.

My son is currently 2 years old and is my daily nemesis. He’s the youngest of my 3 kids and the only boy… so technically I have experienced the T 2s twice with my two older daughters! Though I’m not quite sure which factor makes this time around different, …whether it be gender, birth order, personality differences, or maybe even my age (I’m no spring chicken), whatever it is… it’s tough! So for me it’s the Tough 2s

So how do I deal with my toddler’s tantrums?! I have had the chance to try all the tactics… since 2010 (when my eldest turned 2) and I realized that aside from our kids being different… we’re different too… I could wake up in a fantastic mood and yet not have the energy to deal with my kids crap even before breakfast hits the table… each day is different and we deal with the situation on hand with the current mood we’re in…

I definitely want to be that Mom who can hold a smile while lovingly trying to calm her screaming toddler during a tantrum. I really do… and there are days I am able to hold it together… (maybe 2 and a half times out of 10)… but most of the days I just can’t hold it together.

But I try to use some of these tried and tested (by me and my husband) methods we’ve learned down the road.

So your tot throws a tantrum in the crowded mall because, let’s say, he won’t be getting that toy he’s been eyeing since you got to the mall… he wailing and rolling around on the floor (he may be clinging onto your pant leg or dress)… what do you do?

1. The death stare

Oh my goodness! This is a classic… why?! Cause we grew up on it… I remember how my dad’s death stare could keep me sitting quietly at attention in the church pew. Not even an earthquake would get my butt off that seat…

…Does it work for my kids now? Hedgehog! No!!! I recall when my eldest was 2 and she said out loud, “what, mommy!? Why are your eyes looking at me like that? Huh?! Why? What’s wrong with your eyes?” 😳 Tried it for the 2 younger ones… yeah… it’s passe 😂 my other kid even said, “you’re looking like an owl with big round eyes, momma!”

2. We’re on the same level

So they say it’s best to talk to your toddler “on the same level”… eye level that is… so it’s best to squat down and have the conversation eye to eye… okay… this is one method you need them to be a bit calm to try… I mean you really can’t go eye level if they’re rolling and kicking on the floor…

This works for my 2nd, she’s 5 yo now, but when she was 2 she really didn’t do the whole rolling on the floor kicking stint… so this was the best way for me to calm her down during her tantrum episodes…

3. Just wait until we get home

So, this is one of my favorites. Whispering into their ear, “oh! Just wait until we get home,” while smiling… kinda freaks them out and calms them down. It’s not like I take out the whip when we get home but they know that it’ll be a long discussion. I usually tell them… yes, even my 2yo… that they’re grounded from screen time and outdoor play.

4. Walk away

My fool-proof go to move is the “walk away“. This has been the most effective method so far. When they’re throwing a fit in public and I really don’t have the patience to deal with it. I say nothing, turn around, and walk away… they usually stop crying, get up, and walk beside me. Though it may not have worked the first few times but when they see that I don’t look back they know I mean business…

Of course, as I always say, I’m no expert… I’m just a mom of 3 trying to get by… sharing the little I can with other parents… I still say, do what works for you… we’re all still learning how to be parents 😊 so go easy on yourself… if there are days you lose it and scream your head off (believe me I know how that feels), don’t beat yourself about it… there’s always tomorrow to try again! 😊👍


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